AnonyNet is the official AnonyDoxx Dapp that provides a range of functionality based upon Tiered access.
At its core, AnonyNet is dual-purposed. From a Retail perspective, AnonyNet provides access to information including wallet balances, verified projects, partner launchpads, and crypto news. From a Business perspective, AnonyNet becomes a B2B platform allowing businesses, projects, marketers, developers, and service providers to connect while maintaining anonymity.
The available Tiers will be: Tier 1 “Inform”: To access Tier 1 the user needs to hold the native token, $ADXX. This Tier enables holders to:
  • View Wallet Balances
  • View Verified Projects
  • View Partner Launchpads
  • View Crypto News
Tier 2 “Communicate”: To access Tier 2 the user must complete KYC through the VVP, and This Tier enables users to:
  • Access all Tier 1 features
  • Communicate in real-time
  • Find fresh talent
  • Connect anonymously
Tier 3 “Manage”: Users can access Tier 3 by paying a Monthly Service Fee + Setup. This final Tier enables users to:
  • Utilize a "featured" tab on AnonyNet to showcase the project
  • Invoice Clients
  • Integrate Roadmap and External development applications
  • Sell Merchandise
  • View custom Website Analytics